New To Yoga?

Let us guess...You've been wanting to try Yoga but you are nervous about your flexibility, age, physical appearance, lack of knowledge, looking silly and perhaps a million other things? How about that, we were all there once too! Take it from us, the hardest part of a Yoga Practice is stepping onto your mat for the first time and quieting all of those looming thoughts...after that its a breeze.

Why? Because Yoga is a practice for everyone. Our intention at Ekam Yoga and Wellness is to offer methods of Yoga ( there are many ) that will speak to you as an individual and unite our community through mindfulness and well-being . You will find that there is a method suited for your needs depending on where you are in life and for what you are seeking. You do not have to be flexible or fit a certain "body type", but you do have to be open and willing.  A regular Yoga practice will create flexibility and present you with a calm, confident mind bringing you to a space of complete acceptance of where YOU are on your path. 

We completely understand that you may be anxious about starting a practice and this is the exact reason we are here. Let us help you move past the nerves and lead you onto the path to finding your best self. Please feel free to email us at or stop in to the studio to chat anytime if you have questions or are unsure which Yoga method you should try. We are here for you!

Yoga 101

You've decided to give yourself the gift of Yoga, congratulations! We can't wait to practice with you. Here is some Yoga 101 that will help you during your time at the studio.

  • Choose a class that is appropriate for your experience. True Beginners should participate in a Beginner Series or one of our Level 1, Hatha, or Foundational classes. If you have questions or aren't sure what class is right for you please ask us!
  • Always plan on arriving to the studio at least 15 minutes before class time. This will allow you ample time to check in, store your belongings, set up your space and relax before practice. This will also allow you time to introduce yourself to your teacher to discuss any concerns or address any physical limitations you may need special attention to. 
  • All shoes and personal belongings are to be left in the cubbies in the hallway directly outside of the studio. This area is safe and there is no through traffic of people. If you MUST have your belongings in the room with you we ask that you communicate this with your teacher to find a place appropriate to put them. Cell phones must be put on silent or turned off.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for physical exercise. Nothing baggy that might trip you up or weigh you down. Also, Take your socks off! Even if you are self conscious about your little piggies, trust us no one is looking.
  • Shower before class - self explanatory - be who you would want to be practicing and sweating next to. Please do not wear  perfume, strongly scented oils or colognes.  
  • Try not to eat directly before class. If you do need to eat something keep it light. Twisting postures & inversions with a belly full of tacos do not really get along.
  • Bring your own mat, towels, straps and any other props that you may need for your personal practice. We have loaners available however they are first come first served. 
  • Hydrate before class. You may bring a water bottle to class however try not to drink during practice if possible.
  • Practice regularly. A minimum of 3 - 4 times per week will begin to bring noticeable benefit within 2 to 3 months. 5-6 days per week is considered a full practice.
  • Come with an open mind! Yoga requires patience and acceptance and can not be forced. Transformation does not happen overnight and takes dedication and effort. Yoga should not hurt or be so challenging that you exhaust yourself completely. Take it slow and easy and before you know it change begins to become apparent.