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DROPPP - Deep Release Of Persistent Pain Patterns - A workshop for Counselors, Coaches, Energy Healers, Massage Therapists, and Experienced Yoga and Meditation Practitioners and Teachers.

  • Ekam Yoga and Wellness 1115 Jordan Ln Napa, CA, 94559 United States (map)

Ekam Yoga and Wellness is proud to host Joni Dittrich, Ph.D for her specially developed DROPPP workshop.

DROPPP is Advanced training in releasing past pain and Trauma

When "stuck" in emotional or psychic pain, we cannot easily “just drop it." However, combining her years of training in psychotherapy and energy healing, Joni Dittrich, Ph.D. has developed DROPPP (Deep Release of Persistent Pain Patterns). While calling upon your highest power and your inner knowing you will be gently guided to dialogue with persistent patterns of dis-ease in your body and mind in a process that is both allowing and releasing. DROPPP ameliorates emotional, psychological and spiritual obstacles (samsakaras) sometimes yielding unanticipated and almost miraculous results. (Please read testimonials below.) And DROPPP is easy for anyone with experience as a healer or counselor to learn.  

This training will include:

  • DROPPP Demonstrations and Guidelines
  • DROPPP: How and when to use it when something is "stuck"
  • DROPPP in counseling or coaching sessions
  • DROPPP as part of energy/massage/Reiki sessions
  • DROPPP for self-inquiry and healing

The DROPPP method creates a safe energy field in which ancient fears, trauma, and pain can be released and eased. Advanced Reiki students, energy healers, coaches and therapists will be amazed at the beauty and simplicity of this profound method as Joni teaches you to practice on yourselves and each other.

DROPPP testimonials:

"My DROPPP session with Joni was the most amazing session that I've ever had...ever.  And I've had many many therapy and healing sessions as part of my training in psychology, healing and life coaching. In the safe and sacred context created by Joni, through the DROPPP statements and questions, I accessed messages and truths that were profound and helpful especially at this time in my life. They were not just words but truths that I experienced deeply, accompanied by deep sobbing of gratitude, wonder, and joy.

I believe that the precious experience I had was a culmination of my daily spiritual practices of the last several years. A culmination, yes, but to experience it would not have happened without the DROPPP process. I cannot thank you enough, dear Joni."                                      Anne Uemura, Ph.D

 “I have to say the DROPP method was beyond my expectation of healing. As soon as I let go (which was quick ) as to where we were going with this type of work and trusting the process, I went deep into the layers to do healing work. I am in awe of the ability to go quickly into the layers of my soul feeling like I changed on a cellular level. Opening my heart and trusting Joni is easy because of the healer she is, the beauty she brings and how soulful she is along with being an amazing and knowledgeable teacher. I would recommend this type of session in a heartbeat.”    Debbie Healy, Reiki Master

Joan 'Joni' Dittrich, Ph.D. (Kalisara) has been a practicing psychologist for almost 30 years and a Reiki Master since 2006.  She is the Founder of Kali-Ki Reiki and Wisdom School and is a devoted practitioner and teacher of Meditation and Yoga.  The DROPPP Method has roots in Kalisara's training in multiple psychological interventions for trauma (EMDR, In Vivo Exposure Therapy), the Focusing work of Eugene Gendlin, Emotional Body Healing of Susanna Luebcke, and her own experience as a Reiki Master and Healer.  Joni has been developing the DROPPP method for years and is delighted to be presenting to you now.

Space is Limited for this workshop and cost is $125

To Register, for questions, or to schedule a private DROPPP Session:

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