Our culture promotes an unhealthy, sedentary approach to living, often requiring excessive sitting and poor eating habits. For all individuals who are seeking to live a healthier lifestyle through exercise and meditation, physical therapy is a vital facet to assist with abnormal pain and discomfort responses, excessive muscle imbalances, and decreased joint mobility. The goal of physical therapy is to create a daily routine that targets dysfunction which may be preventing you from advancing, or even beginning, your yoga practice.

Paul Wiesner, PT, DPT works closely with our team of teachers to insure an appropriate progression in your yoga practice. Through close communication we can help to identify physical stress and imbalance and come up with the perfect plan to help you heal and approach your practice in a safe and intelligent way

To schedule an appointment with Paul please submit your request and provide a brief description of the area of pain or imbalance. Paul will respond with options for the best time to meet.