Nicole Hall

Yoga found me when I was a teenager going through the difficult emotional changes and shifts that all teens experience. I was angry, depressed and sometimes mean. Yoga gave me an outlet for these feelings and through practice I became calmer, nicer and a much more patient person. The practice helped and continues to help me feel connected in a world that sometimes can feel very isolating. Through my teaching my hope is to share with you my own personal challenges and successes in order to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level. I hope to present you with ways to refine yourself and lifestyle to lead a happier and healthier life, (all while being completely honest with my secret love for Velveeta Cheese!) It is all about balance.

My theory is, if I can share Yoga with as many people as possible, the love will spread. We will evolve into nicer, calmer, more patient and more connected humans. To me that sounds like a great world to live in.

Join Nicole for her Summer Beginner Series starting May 3!