Lisa Hansen

My interest in fitness and health began years ago as a child growing up on the beaches of Southern California. It was difficult to get me out of the water or off my bike, but eventually I found my way to study the things I loved. My background includes a Bachelors degree in physical education from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and later a Masters degree in education from the University of San Francisco. My focus was in adapted physical education and working with at-risk students, while my experience has been teaching all levels and types of fitness classes, from elementary to college.

With the many twists and turns of life, space opened up for me to more deeply focus on my own health and fitness through yoga. I began to explore yoga and its benefits in 2013, at Yoga Tree in San Francisco with Janet Stone. In 2016, I enrolled in the 200-hour teacher training program at Ekam Yoga and Wellness with Kory Sheffer and Courtney Willis. I have found that the power of yoga allows me to feel less fractured in a world of chaos and uncertainty while revealing my strengths and weaknesses and offering the opportunity for compassion and growth.