Jill Abelson

Teaching since 1999, Jill Abelson AKA Janaki found yoga through her lifelong
interest in “all things spiritual” and decades of studying classical dance. Her yoga
mentors include renowned teachers Lex Gillan (Hatha Yoga + Meditation),
Michael Yoganand Carroll (Kripalu Yoga), David Swenson (Ashtanga) and Shiva
Rea (Vinyasa Flow), but it was in the worldwide Jivamukti Yoga community
where she found her home and further developed her craft under the expert
spiritual guidance and ongoing support of her primary teachers Sharon Gannon,
David Life and mentors Vanessa Kennedy and Nicole Nichols. Jill has been on
the faculty of some of the most admired Vinyasa Teacher Training programs in
the U.S. and internationally, including Yoga Tree, Jivamukti Yoga and Flow Yoga
Center in Washington, DC, as well as Ekam Napa, has written 2 books on hands-
on assisting and maintains strong ties to a number of studios across the Bay
area, East Coast and Europe. She lives in Marin with her husband Jeff and 2
Siamese rescue kitties, Panda and Mookie.