Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term when broken down can be interpreted as "to place in a special way" or "to move with intention"

In our modern world Vinyasa has become a quick term to associate with a "flowing" style of Yoga. In a sense this is correct. In Vinyasa method Yoga asana sequences do flow from one posture into the other through inhalations and exhalations. What this does not mean that it must be fast paced or outlandishly physically challenging, which unfortunately is the common perception.

Vinyasa Method Yoga can be wonderful practice for all types of person regardless of age, physicality, or experience. We have a wonderfully dynamic family of teachers who will bring their own flavor to Vinyasa teaching. Some may be more alignment focused and some may be more strength focused. We encourage you to try as many classes and teachers out to see which practice best fits with what you need.

Ekam Yoga is dedicated to making Vinyasa approachable and accessible to all levels of practitioner. We are proud to offer our community the largest range of Vinyasa Yoga Classes in Napa. From Beginners to Advanced we have a class and teacher that will resonate with you. Not sure where to start? Please ask us so we may recommend a class for you.

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