At Ekam Yoga and Wellness Kory Sheffer teaches traditional Ashtanga Yoga in the Mysore Style and Led class settings.

What is the Ashtanga Primary Series and Mysore Method Ashtanga?

The Primary Series, Yoga Chikitsa or Yoga Therapy is practiced for deep cleansing and tuning of the body. Focus is put on Breath, Bandha (energy locks of the body) and Drishti which is precise gazing both outward and inward. Great strength, flexibility, stamina, awareness and detoxing of the mind and body are achieved through the Primary Series if practiced regularly. A "regular" Ashtanga Mysore practice is 6 days per week mainly in the morning hours for about 90 minutes. A Minimum of 3 days per week is recommended to see benefit. 

Ashtanga primary series

Ashtanga Yoga, specifically the "Mysore Style" Ashtanga Yoga method is named after the city in Southern India where Sri K Pattabhi Jois lived and taught. Today his grandson Sharath and daughter Saraswathi continue his teaching at the Sri K Patthabi Jois institute.

The Mysore method of Ashtanga is the purest and most accessible way to learn the Ashtanga series. Students, regardless of experience are all taught in the exact manner, starting with Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations and sequentially given postures one by one as the individual practice strengthens and the body and mind are ready. Students practice together in a group setting but are given individual instruction and practice at their own pace. 

Ashtanga may also be practiced in a "Led" class environment where the teacher guides the group in unison through the series using only the Sanskrit names and counting system. This way of practicing can be useful in eliminating habits and patterns that can be formed while practicing on your own. Attending a Led class is a powerful way to practice and it is recommended that students know the Primary Series and are able to move in and out of all of the postures with relative ease and full awareness.  

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