Dorene Adams.

Dorene has been exploring the spiritual path for over ten years.  Influenced by many teachers, she developed a deep love of the Yoga Sutras and the more subtle benefits of a regular yoga practice.  She is currently mentored by Lakshmi Norwood who always reminds her of the profound growth that happens when layers of expectation and Samskaras are recognized and questioned.

Dorene completed her 500 hour advanced yoga training through Yoga Tree, San Francisco, with a focus on anatomy, alignment and therapeutics.  With a Master’s Degree in nursing, and 23 years of experience as a nurse, and nursing instructor, that was a natural path.  She now leads classes in Napa and Fairfield following the Hatha Yoga traditions.  Unafraid to use the correct terminology for the sit bones in class, she teaches students to take responsibility for their OWN bodies…  Because yoga is MADE for all bodies, it just doesn’t look the SAME in all bodies.

We are all, master and student alike, a work in progress