Dorene Adams.

Yoga is for EVERY BODY

We just have to find what is right for YOUR BODY

It is my belief that health of the mind and of the body are directly related, and therefore, happiness is an integral part of one's own health.   For me, yoga is unique in its ability to promote this balance.  As a RN with a Masters Degree in Education, I am fully committed in unifying traditional western methods of healing with more natural interventions.  The body is designed to heal itself, I would like to show you how you can support that process.

I completed my 500 hour advanced yoga training through Yoga Tree, San Francisco, with a focus on anatomy, alignment and therapeutics.  I now lead classes in Napa and Fairfield following the Hatha Yoga traditions.    

Yoga is MADE for all bodies, it just doesn’t look the SAME in all bodies.

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