Diana Steven 

Diana is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is committed to guiding and supporting her clients as they make changes within their life in order to live more fully. Through her one on one Evolved Wellness Immersion Program, she helps individuals break free from the “Band-Aids and quick fixes” mentality and physically. She supports them by creating small, incremental changes to their lifestyle and nutrition for lifelong healing, love and happiness.

With her online and in person coaching business, Evolved Wellness, Diana has been able to support her clients with living better physically, mentally, and emotionally by:

  • developing a positive mindset and setting attainable goals
  • weight loss through nutrition counseling and meal preparation 
  • beginning a yoga and meditation practice for mind, body and spirit
  • healing from past trauma and residual negative energy
  • changing careers 
  • daily self care routines
  • finding self love, trust and respect

When she’s not helping people create their version of success, you can find her enjoying time with family and friends, practicing Ashtanga yoga and meditation, reading, journaling, napping, eating delicious
food, spending time outdoors, and traveling.

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