Vital health is all about balance!

While deepening your connection to self through your yoga practice it can be extremely helpful to address other aspects of your health that may be creating imbalance and holding you back from truly feeling your best.

We are all exposed to sources of stress on a daily basis. Things like devitalized and processed foods, dehydration, a demanding schedule, lack of movement or rest, environmental toxins, and negative self-talk can really start to accumulate and take a toll on your health. Each of us is unique in how our bodies express that they are under stress. Signs may include fatigue, weight gain, trouble sleeping, digestive problems, allergies, headaches, chronic pain, brain fog, food sensitivities, or symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

China Rose Wellness has been supporting the Napa community since 2009 and their mission is to empower people in their health! They are passionate about meeting people where they are in their journey and, through inspiration, education, and motivation, supporting them in feeling better than they ever thought was possible! Their healing tools include customized food recommendations, stress relief techniques, holistic fitness coaching, medicinal herbs, food sourced nutritional supplements, and making changes towards a healthier lifestyle one step at a time.

China Rose has also come to be known as the “hormone lady” in Napa after many positive testimonials from women who dealt with PMS symptoms, PCOS, fertility challenges, and menopausal “turbulence”. Her approach is to help nourish and strengthen a women's body so that she can produce healthier amounts of hormones naturally and feel like herself again.

Contact China Rose Wellness to schedule a complementary initial consultation through their website: