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Beginners Series - An Exploration of Hatha Yoga with Corey Behn

  • Ekam Yoga and Wellness 1115 Jordan Lane Napa, Ca 94559 USA (map)

Welcome to our Spring Beginners Series ~ An Exploration of Hatha Yoga with Corey Behn.

We experience the immediate benefits after a Yoga class; feeling entirely grounded with a sense of calm and sharpened focus. If one Yoga class is so potent, what would happen if we sustained a daily practice? In this Beginners Series with Corey Behn, you will learn to establish and maintain a consistent yoga practice through the exploration of traditional Hatha Yoga poses. By way of basic principles in foundational asanas, your mind-body connection will be developed to strengthen and balance your practice. Research and study of the "journey" to the "final expression" will be encouraged to cultivate deep understanding of the postures. Once the six class series has concluded you will be able to participate in any all levels class, or keep a home practice for days you are unable to make it into the studio.

Foundations of the Series:

  • infuse poses with intelligence through alignment and exploration to keep practice alive

  • uniting strength and ease (ha – sun, tha – moon) of poses

  • break downs of specific poses to give a base knowledge to similar poses

  • why breath work matters, connection of breath with movement

  • action = tapas, the fire of discipline

  • simpliticy = japa, repitetion

  • tools that can be used in any asana (foundation, breath, bandha, central axis, the senses)

  • freedom of approach to poses, researching different entrances and exits and variations

  • Hatha is the root of commonly known physical styles of yoga. It is a combination of two words in sanskrit, ha (sun) and tha (moon), which makes hatha in itself a union of opposites.


Series Schedule - Every Saturday for 6 consecutive weeks March 5 - April 9 2016

Time: 12:00pm - 1:15pm ~ 75 minutes

Tuition - $110.00 for all 6 sessions

Beginners Yoga Package ~ $200.00

Includes your choice of color 1 Manduka Pro Lite Yoga Mat and 1 Manduka Yoga Strap plus your tuition to the Beginners Hatha Yoga Series - (Save $10.00 on the package)