Angela Lockhart

Yoga found me during a time when I was yearning for a spiritual and
energetic recalibration. What I found when I stepped on the mat was a
sense of centering, a moment to embrace myself and remember who I am
at the core, underneath all the layers of the outside world. Each time
I step on my mat, I catch a glimpse of myself that leads me to feeling
more complete and connected to humanity as a whole.

This glimpse is what I intend to help you unveil during your practice.
Through a combination of meditation, asana, and breath we begin to
unravel our layers and lean in closer to our truth. I gently ask my
students to step into the zone of discomfort trusting that on the
other side is a deep well of growth. When we quiet the mind we slowly
start hearing our inner voice remembering who were are meant to be.
And I am a firm believer that TRUTH is FREEDOM.

In the fall of 2017 I decided to join Ekam’s 200-hour teacher training
because I simply could not get enough yoga in my life! The training
proved to me that within the desire to expand my yoga practice lies a
deep calling to guide others closer to their own truth even if just
for a breath. Yoga is so much more than what can be seen with the
eyes. It’s an internal journey that is personalized to each
practitioner. In that lies the true beauty of our practices.

My classes are inspired by a marriage between hatha and ashtanga with
an emphasis on breath, alignment, and always bring light to the heart
and soul. I look forward to practicing with you!